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A lovely hybrid Magnolia with very large, scented, pinkish blooms in Spring, up to 25cm across. This spreading, small, deciduous tree flowers before the leaves unfurl. Suitable for planting in mixed shrub borders among Spring flowering bulbsand assorted evergreen shrubs.

Features and Care:
- Full Sun to Part Shade
- Grow in well drained soil
- Plant where it can recieve plenty of sun
- Grows to 5m H

Considered one of the finist of all yellow flowering Magnolias, Butterflies produces profuse, 10cm wide many-petalled flowers in a rich yellow colour. Later flowering than Magnolias, this helps protect the flowers from harsher early Spring weather. As well as being a beautiful feature plant, it is also a good house or fence screening plant.

Features and Care:
- Full Sun to Part Shade
- Select a site with some shade where Summers are hot and dry
- Prefers fertile, free draining soils
- Frost hardy
- Mulch thickly with an organic mulch
- Grows 3m H x 2m W in 10 years

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