Looking for that touch to take your event to the next level? Avalon Nursery now offers plant and pot hire!

We can provide plants and pots for your Wedding, Corporate event, Birthday or other event!

Plants and Pots are for hire as stocked in the nursery within 14 days of the event; preliminary quotes can be provided at an earlier time, but final plant and pot selection is made within 14 days of the event taking place.

Plant and Pot hire are charged at 50% of retail price, with delivery to the event available. The delivery fee is dependent on the distance from Avalon Nursery and includes drop off and pick up. If plants and pots are collected, they must be transported in an appropriate vehicle to prevent damage to the plants.

If plants or pots are returned in an unsalable condition as assessed by nursery management, the hirer will be liable for the full retail cost of the item. Plants and pots are available for 24 hour or weekend hire, as discussed with nursery management.

Avalon Nursery reserves the right to refuse hire of any product that is not deemed appropriate for your event.

Contact us today to discuss your event's needs! 

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