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Large, tropical looking leaves emerge frosted in white patterns that fade to a more subdued green as they age. This unusual variegation changes from leaf to leaf, and with the seasons, giving each leaf a unique appearance. Produces a large white flower in Winter when mature.

Features and Care:
- Bright indirect indoor light
- Prefers rich, moist soil
- Water frequently
- Grows to 2m H

An outstanding trailing variety of Tradescantia with pink and green leaves that grows well indoors or outdoor and works well in combination planters.

Features and Care:
- Part Sun
- Prefers bright, indirect sunlight
- Prefers moist, well draining soil
- Pruning also recommended to control growth and maintain a bushy appearance
- Grows 40 - 60cm H x 80 - 100cm W

Please note that Avalon Nursery do not send plants via post or courier at this time.
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