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The Trevatt Apricot produces large, round, pale-skinned apricots with a red tinge to the skin; the flesh is an orange colour. It crops in late December to early January and is a naturally heavy cropper, thinning is recommended. It is a low to medium chill variety, which makes it a variety that can be grown in most temperate regions of Australia. This variety is self fruitful and is a prolific bearer, which means it will require staking. It is a versatile variety which can be used for stewing, dried fruit, making jams or eaten fresh.
It is an ideal variety for growing in pots or tubs on the patio or great for small sized gardens.

Features and Care:
- Full sun
- Prefers well drained soil
- Requires staking
- Grows 2 - 2.5m H x 2 - 2.5m W