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An evergreen Camellia sasanqua with small, dense, bright green foliage and abundant, large, white single blooms with wavy petals. The flowers bloom in Autumn and early Winter. It is an ideal Camellia for screens, hedging, large containers and for espalier.

Features and care:
- Sunny or partly shaded position
- Prefers well drained, slightly acidic soil; avoid lime
- Keep moist, especially in hot, dry weather
- Mulch with organic matter to keep roots cool, do not allow mulch to touch the trunk
- Grows 3m H x 2m W

A vigorous, upright growing Camellia sasnqua with dark green, glossy foliage, making it ideal to use where a tall screen or hedge is required. Flowering throughout Autumn and Winter, it provides a showy display of very large soft pink single flowers with bright yellow stamens on a gand scale. Ideal for display tubs, mass planting or accent planting.

Features and Care:
- Full Sun to Part Shade
- Prefers rich, well drained soils
- Mulch well and water regularly until established
- Drought / Frost tolerant
- Space at 2m for screening or hedging
- Grows 4 - 5m H x 2.5m W

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