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Originating in Ryde, New South Wales, the Granny Smith is a late season fruiting apple produces a heavy crop of crisp-fleshed eating or cooking apples with bright green skin. The apples are delicious straight from the tree, as well as used in desserts, sauces, stewed, and in salads and savoury dishes.

Features and care:
- Cross pollinators: Delicious, Jonathan, Pink Lady, Gala, Lady Williams
- Late season fruiting
- Grow in fertile, free draining soil in full sun
- Water evenly over warmest months by regular deep soaking
- Deciduous

An attractive deciduous tree with pretty spring blossom and sweet juicy fruit, ripening mid November to late January. The fruit is delicious eaten fresh, dried or cooked, and is ideal for jams.

Features and care:
- Full sun
- Suited to moist, fertile, compost rich free draining soils
- Dorman trees are highly frost hardy

Please note that Avalon Nursery do not send bare rooted plants via post or courier at this time.
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