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A highly ornamental variety of Abelia selected for its striking foliage. The new variegated growth emerges as bright yellow with a light green centre in spring, aging to a tapestry of fiery colour in autumn, blending fiery shades of yellow, orange and reds. From late spring, a lengthy display of dainty white blooms appear, lasting through to autumn.
Easy to grow and exceptionally hardy, Kaleidoscope is ideal for water wise gardens, mixed borders, in containers or gardens, and provides fast results for new gardens.

Features and care:
- Full sun / Part shade
- Low water requirements once established
- Grows in most soil types that are well draining
- A light prune in early spring will help maintain a compact habit
- Grows 70cm H x 90cm W

Please note that Avalon Nursery do not send plants via post or courier at this time.
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