Planting Bare Root

Planting Bare Root

You've bought your bare root plants, now to plant them in the best way so they can live their best life in their new home!

When planting bare root, the hole should be twice the width and depth of the roots of the plant. Create a mound of soil in the middle of the hole and place the tree on top of it so that it will sit at the same level as it did in the field, and ensure any graft union will be above ground level. Spread the roots out over the mound evenly and back fill with the rest of the soil.

Once planted, these tips will keep your bare rooted trees in good shape until they are established:

  • Water the plant in well
  • Mulch around the plant to retain soil moisture if required; Make sure to leave a gap around the trunk to prevent rot.
  • Make sure the soil is kept moist, but not holding water during Winter, and;
  • In Spring, give the plants a good water once a week, depending on the weather conditions.


Planting bare root trees diagram


Depending on the type of bare rooted plant, they may also have to be staked to provide support for the plant as it grows – ask nursery staff for recommendations of number and height required.

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