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A heavy yeilding Summer fruiting variety that grows up to 2m H; the tall canes will harvest around December. If maintained correctly, they should also produce a secondary crop around March.

A summer fruiting Raspberry that holds their fruit on the canes extremely well, so you can revisit every few days to pick fruit at premium ripeness. This sturdy, almost thorness cane produces a succulent plump fruit that harvests in mid summer.

A deciduous, erect shrub, preading approvimately 1.5m H x 1.2m W, depending on how the plant is pruned. Clusters of white flowers appear from Spring-Summer, followed by juicy red berries.

Features and care:
- Full sun to light shade
- Prefers acidic, well drained soil
- Mulch well, but keep way from trunk to prevent rot
- Canes can be cut down to ground level during winter
- Water well during dry periods
- Protect from strong winds

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